Rail Services

ARG’s purchase enhances independent RIM capability 

ATEC Rail Group (ARG) has enhanced its capability as an independent Rail Infrastructure Manager (RIM) with the recent acquisition of Traxion from Intermodal Terminal Services Pty Ltd (in Liquidation).

Intermodal Terminal Services was originally established in Western Australia in 2009 and then expanded into other Australian states. Its principal activities were the provision of accredited rail infrastructure management and rail operations and rail track services, including rolling stock maintenance, track maintenance and rail labour supply.  

This acquisition underpins ARG’s strategy to manage and operate short haul rail corridors for its clients, independently of above rail haulage, maintenance or construction services.  

ARG continues to assess further opportunities to grow its below-rail assets and its capabilities within the current market environment. 

Southern Ports - Esperance Port Turn Out Renewal Project:

ARG’s work with Southern Ports in Western Australia involved renewing a turn out and fitting a new switching mechanism, and installing a new electrically operated yard protection/derailer. 

Challenges included manufacturing new turn out components to match existing infrastructure, and the engineering and planning to install a new derailer location and its rail cant and base plate configurations.