Central Surat Rail

The Central Surat Rail project is a proposed 72km open access freight railway in the Western Downs region of Queensland’s Surat Basin.

This freight corridor will link the Western System railway around Columboola in the south, to the Surat Basin Rail corridor near Gulugaba in the north. The railway is designed to use existing rail infrastructure and current stock routes as much as possible to minimise impact on local landowners. 

Future customers of Central Surat Rail will be able to export through the Port of Brisbane via the existing Western System, or from the Port of Gladstone to the north, via Surat Basin Rail.

The Central Surat Rail project is being developed as a privately-funded rail project by a consortium consisting of ATEC Rail Group, Yancoal CSR Pty Ltd and SinoCoal Resources. Pre-feasibility assessment is completed.

The Surat Basin in southern Queensland is home to large quantities of untapped thermal coal reserves. New rail freight infrastructure across the Surat Basin will generate economic growth and real job opportunities for the local communities and provide a freight rail network to Queensland’s export ports.

Central Surat Rail Map