Business Segments

At ATEC Rail Group (ARG), we deliver customised freight infrastructure solutions for our clients.

We work with some of Australia’s largest bulk commodity clients to develop below-rail open access freight rail infrastructure to connect their bulk commodity assets to coastal ports for export.

Our unique business model facilitates privately-funded new rail infrastructure (greenfield) or upgrades to existing rail infrastructure (brownfield) projects that deliver critical freight infrastructure, without the need for government funding for their planning, development or ongoing operations.

ARG has four core business units:

Our unique business model is designed to create economic value for our clients through the financing, the delivery and the procurement of critical rail freight infrastructure. And we do this in a number of ways:

  • We have an innovative access costing model, which accommodates multiple users
  • We can develop infrastructure sized to the client’s demand
  • We take an integrated approach to the logistics chain
  • We tailor bankable commercial agreements
  • And we have access to project funding