Border Rail

The Border Railway project is a proposed 337km railway linking Moree in New South Wales to Toowoomba in Queensland.

The proposed corridor involves developing, constructing and operating a standard gauge single track railway to transport general freight, coal, other bulk products and containerised commodities via an inland railway between Melbourne and Brisbane. An inland railway would by-pass the congested Sydney passenger rail network.

195km of the Border Railway project would be greenfield construction, and the remaining 142km would be an upgrade of existing corridors at various points along the proposed route.

In March 2008 ARG presented a business case to the New South Wales and Queensland Governments to progress development of the Border Railway project.

Key milestone achieved since then include:

  • There is now an identified potential corridor, and ARG continues to  assess its viability in respect to engineering design and efficiency
  • ARG submitted an EPBC Referral to the Federal Department of Environment in 2013
  • The Border Railway project received Federal Government Major Project Facilitation (MPF) Status in 2013
  • Discussions have commenced  with potential foundation customers to assess  pre-feasibility of the project
  • ARG continues to discuss the Border Railway project with both the NSW and QLD Governments  on opportunities to develop the Border Railway project  through a coordinated planning and approvals process

Currently, the economics are not sufficient to move the project beyond pre-feasibility. However, ARG continues to monitor the viability of the Border Railway project.

At this time, no decision to proceed with the Border Railway project has been made. 

Border Rail Map