Corporate Governance

As a public unlisted company that develops freight rail infrastructure projects across Australia, it is important to us that our policies and operating procedures reflect our growth aspirations, and that our key values underpin all commercial operations.

As an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally-conscious company, ARG’s core values are that we are:

  • Financially rigorous
  • Focussed on our customers
  • Focussed on our delivery
  • Focussed on safety and environment

The ARG Board has endorsed a number of policies and procedures that frame risk management, commercial and financial arrangements, as well as our reputation in the market.

Our corporate governance responsibilities remain our priority as ARG continues to grow. ARG’s underlying principles are to:

  • Lay solid foundations for management and oversight
  • Structure our Board to continually add value
  • Safeguard the integrity of financial reporting
  • Respect the rights of shareholders
  • Remunerate fairly and responsibly

Corporate Governance